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Areum Han
My ultimate research goal is to find beautiful integration of medical and molecular information. It will allow people to know about their health conditions more exactly when they have genomic sequences and physiological data.about clinical bioinformatics

Personal Info

Date of Birth             : Jan 21, 1980
Nationality                 : Korean
Gender                     : Female

Address                   : 945 Weyburn Terrace APT#310, Los Angeles, California 90024
Contact                     :

Current  Affliation       :  A graduate student, Biomedical Engineering Dept., University of California, Los Angeles
                                   (Biomedical Signal/Image Processing and Bioinformatics)


MS. February 2005
Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology – Republic of Korea Master of Science in Bioinformatics of BioSystems
Thesis subject: Inferring transcriptional regulations from temporal properties of gene expression
Supervisor: Prof. Kwang Hyung Lee and Doheon Lee

BS. August 2002
Kyung Hee University – Republic of Korea August 2002
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Computer Science
Supervisor: Prof. Seung Hoon Park

Techinical Experimence and Employment

Feb. 2005 - Aug.2006

National Genome Information Center, KRIBB
- Develop mining system of candidate genes, single nucleotide polymorphisms for stroke association studies.
- Analyze Korean Hap Map data.
- Mapping Human SNPs to proteins and protein domains.
  Supervisor: Dr. Jong Bhak.

Research Assistant
Mar. 2003 –Feb. 2005
Bio Information System Laboratory, KAIST
- Analyze scale-free network characteristics of gene expression and design measures for time series gene expression data. Supervisor: Prof. H. K. Lee and Prof. D. H. Lee

Visiting Researcher
Jan. 2004 -May 2004
Computational Biology, UC Berkeley, U.S.A
- Participate in biostatistics and sequence analysis classes and research focused on gene expression data

Intern Researcher
Sept. 2001 –Feb. 2002

Medical Application Team, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology  
- Develop hierarchical knowledge database about human electromagnetic characteristics.
  Supervisor: Dr. Gilwon Yoon.
Research student
 Aug. 2000 –Aug. 2001

Medical Information Laboratory, Kyung Hee University          
- Develop Sports Prescription System Using Smart Card and XML.
  Supervisor: Prof. S.H. Park.



Areum Han, Hyo Jin Kang, Yoobok Cho, Sunghoon Lee, Young Joo Kim and Sungsam Gong,
: a web resource of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) within protein domain and sequences”, Nucleic Acids Research, 2006 34, W642-W644

Hyojin Kang, Taehui Hong, Won-Hyong Chung, Younguk Kim, Jinhee Jung, Sohyun Hwang, Areum Han, and  Young Joo Kim, “D2GSNP:a web server for the selection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms within human  disease genes”, Genomics & Informatics, 2006, 4(1):45~47 

Lim J., Kim Y.J., Yoon Y., Kim S.O., Kang H., Park J., A Reum Han., Han B., Oh B., Kim K., Yoon B., and Song K., “Comparative study of the linkage disequilibrium of an ENCODE region, chromosome 7p15, in Korean, Japanese, and Han Chinese samples”, Genomics, 2006; 87 (3):392-398.


Areum Han et al., “Extraction of developmentally important genes  from micro array data”, Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics, 2005, 9(3). 

  • Selected paper from The International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems.


Areum Han et al.,”Medical information system using smart card and XML”, Proc. the Korea Society of Medical and Biological Engineering, 2001. 

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