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BioPeople in Asia  (Alphabetical, first name first). Please add and edit openfreely.

Dr Asif M. Khan, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and Teaching Associate at National University of Singapore, Singapore

Angela Jean, Research Associate, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr Amandeep Sidhu, Research Fellow, Curtin University of Technology. Australia

Dr Amir Faisal Merican (Malaysia) (by virtue of his InCoB 2011 bid)

Arun Gupta (India), Student club chair and database admin for along with the miRNA database and HYPO database hosted in

Dr Bruno Gaeta, Senior Lecturer and Program Director of Bioinformatics, University of New South Wales, Australia

Dr Cao Zhiwei (China)

Dr Chandra Verma, Bioinformatics Institute, A*STAR, Singapore

Dr Christian Schoenbach, Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan (by virtue of his Co-Chair of InCoB2010)

Dr Christopher Hogue, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Dr Custer Deocaris (Philippines)

Dr Durai Sundar, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India

Dr Ge Gao, CBI, PKU, China

Dr Haruki Nakamura, Professor, Laboratory of Protein Informatics, Research Center for Structural Biology, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University, Japan

Dr Jong Bhak (Korea) (by virtue of his Board of Directorship in ISCB)

Dr Josiah Poon, Senior Lecturer & Undergraduate Director, School of Information Technologies, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, The University of Sydney, Australia

Dr Kanagasabai Rajaraman, Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore

Dr Kenta Nakai, Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan (by virtue of his Co-Chair of InCoB2010)

Dr Lei Kong, CBI, PKU, China

Dr Li Yixue (China) Shanghai. 

Dr Martti Tapani Tammi, Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institutet and National University of Singapore, Singapore
Dr Meena Sakharkar, Professor, Tsukuba University, Japan

Dr Olivo Miotto, Senior Informatics Fellow, Centre for Genomics and Global Health, Thailand

Dr P Kangueane, Chief Editor, Bioinformation, India

Prashanth Suravajhala founded in 2006, a virtual organization, that masks projects online and builds mentor-mentee relationship. Now, is a regional affiliate of Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network. He also serves as an Associate Director of

Dr Pritish Kumar Varadwaj, Assistant professor, IIIT Allahabad, India. Also co-founder of Field: SVM/Bioinformatics/Docking

Dr Sang Yup Lee, Korea, Professor KAIST, Korea
Dr Shahid Chohan, Professor, EMBNet, Pakistan

Dr Shoba Ranganathan, Chair Professor, Macquarie University, Australia

Dr Sissades Tongsima (Thailand)

Dr Timothy Ravasi, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
Dr Ueng-Cheng Yang, Professor, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan
Dr Victor Tong, Principal Investigator, A*STAR, and President, AMBIS, Singapore.

Dr VK Jayaraman, Scientist emeritus, CSIR, India. Working earlier with NCL, Pune. Field: Support Vector Machines/ Bioinformatics/ANN

V Arunachalam (India)
Dr Wei Liping (China)

Dr Xiangdong Wang, Professor, Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital, China; Editor Journal of Clinical Bioinformatics

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